Welcome to my music website and thanks for stopping by! 

I’m an independent artist and song writer in the New England area and here you will find some info about my songs, music projects and any upcoming Events.

Check out my Music section to listen to some of my songs and if you would like to help support me there’s an option for you to name your own price for any song  - and I really do appreciate any support! 

Being an independent artist, I have most of my songs available right here on my website but also do have a few of my songs out there on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, YouTube, etc.. however… my preferred method for you to download my songs is here on my website where I can retain the full amount and not just a tiny percentage of what the other online music services charge. 

I perform as a solo artist as well as with my band - typically a four piece with guitar, keys, bass and drums all with seasoned professional musicians but I can change the line-up of musicians per event. 

I write a variety of songs about life (the good and the not so good), memories, current things and faith and I desire to stay true and authentic. 

When performing with my band,  I guess the closest genre to associate with would be blues rock - but this may vary a bit. As a band, we like to connect with each other and with you our audience as we make the music journey together. 

Thank you again for stopping by and thank you for your support - I very much appreciate it! - Buddy