be still

by Buddy Fanjoy

Released 2006
Fanjoy Music
Released 2006
Fanjoy Music
Acoustic Praise & Worship, Reflection
"Be Still" is a collection of original songs written by Buddy Fanjoy, done simply with acoustic guitar and vocal. "My hope is that this CD will help the listener enter into that place within the veil, to find peace, hope and comfort".

Find some time in that secret place and open up your heart to Him who is in control over it all and...

"Be still and know that I am God ."

Buddy's Bio

As a Christian artist, Buddy has led worship in churches and ministered at various Christian events and coffee houses in the New England area. "It's really amazing how God can take our sorrow and pain and replace it with His joy, as He has done in my life, and I'll be forever grateful for His mercy, grace and love."

Songs of trust, hope, and longing for God... these comprise the music ministry of Buddy Fanjoy.